Health and Safety – Apprenticeships

1. Policy Statement:

FSTP takes the health and safety of its apprentices and staff seriously. This policy and the health and safety of all apprentices/staff will be reviewed regularly by the Apprenticeship Management Team.

The Apprenticeship Senior Management Team (ASMT) promotes a proactive approach to identifying and reducing risks, to facilitate a safe working environment for all apprentices and its employees.

All apprentices are entitled to a safe, healthy and supportive learning environment. FSTP seeks to make the most effective and efficient use of all resources, to encourage all employees and apprentices to embrace a positive health and safety culture.

FSTP will review this policy bi-annually to ensure that it continues to be appropriate to the nature/scale of its health and safety risks and their impacts.

This policy also provides the framework for setting health and safety objectives and will be available to all interested parties. This includes all FSTP offices, operations and activities and all FSTP employees, at all levels. The aims, organisation and arrangements of this policy will equally apply to all FSTP operations and activities conducted on sites beyond FSTP’s control, wherever FSTP’s apprentices are working.

The Head of Regulatory Sales and Apprenticeships and Apprenticeship Manager will be responsible for ensuring that all staff are aware of the policy and are effectively trained to promote the health and safety of their apprentices. They will promote this policy and best practice to all employers and apprentices.

2. Purpose:

The main aim of this policy is to ensure that all apprentices, employers and FSTP staff are fully engaged in being vigilant and proactive regarding keeping apprentices safe and healthy.

3. Scope:

This policy covers:

  • All apprenticeships offered by FSTP.
  • All employees involved in the delivery of apprenticeship qualifications and training.
  • All employers who employ an apprentice.
  • All apprentices.

4. Health and Safety Principles:

  • All apprentices and staff will know that FSTP have policies in place to keep them safe in the workplace and that FSTP regularly reviews its systems to ensure they are effective and appropriate.
  • Regular training will take place to ensure all staff understand their responsibilities as a main apprenticeship provider. This will take place initially as part of the induction and then annually, or sooner should we feel that individuals require further support to enhance their understanding.
  • All staff understand why we need to be vigilant and report any health and safety concerns.
  • All staff know how to report a health and safety risk/incident/accident.
  • All reported health and safety risks/incidents/accidents are reviewed and acted upon by the Apprenticeship Manager.
  • FSTP will consider any actual or potential risks that could impact upon an apprentice’s ability to complete their apprenticeship. This will apply to any apprentice through direct intervention, advice and guidance and/or signposting, also considering welfare needs.

All apprentices will be provided with information, electronically, about our Health and Safety Policy once they have had their induction onto a programme. This policy will also be readily available on our website.

5. Employer’s Responsibilities:

Prior to an apprentice being enrolled on an apprenticeship the employer must complete and submit FSTP’s Health and Safety Vetting Form.

This form will be reviewed by the Apprenticeship Manager and any areas of concern will be addressed.

Employer’s must comply with their RIDDOR duty in the event of a workplace accident or injury incurred by an apprentice.

Employers must inform the Apprenticeship Training Provider of any workplace accidents or injuries incurred by an apprentice.

FSTP will review the employer’s arrangements if a concern around an apprentice’s health and safety is raised.

Every employer has a legal responsibility towards their apprentices. They must provide adequate facilities i.e. toilets, heating, first aid and safe equipment. They must provide effective information, training and supervision. This includes (but is not restricted to):

  • Providing equipment, premises and facilities that are safe and well maintained.
  • Ensuring that maintenance and checks are carried out by a qualified person.
  • Providing appropriate training and instruction.
  • Providing appropriate supervision.
  • Only requiring apprentices to perform tasks that they have been adequately trained to do in a safe manner.

6. Apprentices’ Responsibilities:

All employees have a legal responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace, by:

  • Following all the employer’s health and safety procedures.
  • Taking responsibility for acting in a way that protects themselves and others.
  • Informing their line manager of any potential hazards or risks that they identify.
  • Informing their line manager of any health and safety incidents.
  • Accurately recording any workplace accidents or injuries in line with their employer’s policy.
  • Informing their Apprenticeship Training Provider of any workplace accidents or injuries that they incur.

Apprentices must not:

  • Use their employer’s equipment inappropriately or unsafely.
  • Misuse anything provided to protect their health, safety and welfare, and that of others.

7. Health and Safety Provision:

FSTP provides the following health and safety support, provision and monitoring to ensure that all apprentices are kept safe:

  • Taking proactive actions to protect the apprentices.
  • Promoting the policy to all staff, apprentices and employers.
  • Promoting our commitment to all staff, apprentices and employers.
  • Training all new staff members to implement the policy.
  • Maintaining a record of all reported workplace accidents or injuries.
  • Providing welfare support to the apprentice in the event of a workplace accident/injury.
  • Providing advice and guidance to the employer in the event of a workplace accident/injury to an apprentice.
  • Reviewing an employer’s health and safety arrangements if a concern is raised.
  • Providing a named Health and Safety representative.
  • Providing apprentices with health and safety training and advice throughout their apprenticeship programme.
  • Sending out targeted advice, guidance and support messages if a specific event is identified.

8. Reporting a Health and Safety Risk/Incident/Accident:

If an apprentice has a concern over their own health and safety, FSTP staff must listen to and record all information given.

Staff members must report the issue to the Apprenticeship Manager. The Apprenticeship Manager will then decide the appropriate course of action.

9. Responding to a Health and Safety Risk/Incident/Accident Report:

The Apprenticeship Manager will review every reported health and safety report within 1 working day of receipt and will record this within the Health and Safety Register.

If appropriate, the Apprenticeship Manager will contact the person making the report and/or the apprentice, to clarify the situation.

The Apprenticeship Manager will ensure that the Health and Safety Register is updated to include all reports.

The Apprenticeship Manager will liaise with the employer to offer advice and guidance, and to ensure that any appropriate changes to workplace practice/policy are put in place.

FSTP staff will continue to monitor the employer’s workplace practice/policies to ensure that all apprentices are working in a safe environment.

The Apprenticeship Management Team will meet monthly to discuss new reports/risks, identify potential patterns, review processes and identify additional staff training required.

10.Health and Safety Contact Details:

Apprenticeship Manager – Nicola Spennati


Telephone: 01908 395243

This policy has been approved by:

(Senior Manager/Director/CEO, with overall responsibility for apprenticeship delivery):

Name: Philippa Grocott
Job title: Head of Regulatory Sales and Apprenticeships
Date approved: 25/11/2021

Next planned policy review date: April 2022 (unless required sooner)