Apprenticeships have evolved and now provide firms with an opportunity to develop their staff members at all levels of the business. There has been a lot of noise around these developments, however some employers still feel a little left in the dark over what opportunities are available to them in this new and exciting landscape.

Historically apprenticeships haven’t been viewed as a viable option for a number of industries, especially in financial services. However the viability of using apprenticeships to develop staff and grow your business is changing. We aim to provide you with some background information on how you can utilise the ‘Apprenticeship Levy’ to develop your staff.

FSTP, is a Financial Services training and consultancy specialist are now able to deliver a range of apprenticeship pathways designed specifically for financial services firms. As an Apprenticeship provider, we aim to ensure our clients are receiving the best support and guidance on how to access and manage their Levy fund.

Then once the programme is in place you can rest safe in the knowledge that the training being accessed by your staff throughout their apprenticeship is provided by FSTP, an industry accredited financial services training provider. This should offer you the peace of mind that throughout your entire apprenticeship experience you are receiving the support and training that is tailored to your staff and industry.

What do you need support with?

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The Apprenticeship Levy – Key points

  • The Levy is an additional tax on all UK Businesses with an annual payroll over £3m.
  • The rate of this tax is 0.5% of staff costs over £3m.
  • Businesses will have 24 months to spend the money that they have paid.
  • The Levy can be used for apprenticeships across all levels; they are no longer just for new starters and 16-19 year olds.
  • Apprenticeships are an effective way of developing your existing and experienced staff through higher level apprenticeships linked to professional industry recognised qualifications.

Apprenticeships and your business?

The introduction of the Levy is a great opportunity for companies to take a fresh look at the development of their staff. You will be able to access your funding to support apprenticeships at every level of your business. This means that you will be able to develop new starters through to your firms long serving employees looking to take the next step in their professional development. There is no age restriction on eligibility to an apprenticeship, so long as the individuals job requires continual learning. The Levy can be used to develop any member of staff and at any level of professional development.

Why choose an Apprenticeship supported by FSTP?

FSTP are industry experts with an excellent reputation for delivering high quality professional training and qualification support. We will be providing the expert industry knowledge that underpins the training your staff will receive throughout their apprenticeship. This provides you with the peace of mind that the Levy funding is accessing the same high quality training you would expect from attending any of our training or qualification study programmes.  All our consultants are ex practitioners, enabling them to provide real life examples to the delegates and guide further discussions around the topics. We do not use trainers that have simply learnt the materials and can not offer any further insight.

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“FSTP unsurprisingly continue to attracts the biggest and best firms in the city to use their expertise and skills. The structure to which they have broken up the courses are much more digestible and makes what is a rather a lot of information to take in less daunting. All their tutors in general are always able to reply to any questions I had either via email or phone which was a rather comfortable thought when in the midst of revising.”

Trainee Investment Manager