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Dealing with customers is hard for any business. But that’s especially true when you’re a financial services firm, due to the regulatory burden.

Your client call centre (whether it’s small, large, in-house or not) is the frontline of client relationships. Products are sold, advice is given and customer enquiries dealt with. Which means you’re vulnerable to human error and compliance failures.

In other words, your call centre is the place where things can go wrong.

We offer you an easier route to a compliant and effective call centre. Our experienced consultants know what it takes to build a call centre service from scratch, deliver quality assurance or improve an existing operation, both in the UK and abroad.

A high performing call centre is about more than just compliance

Keeping the FCA happy is important, of course. But a well-functioning call centre is also about keeping your clients happy and gaining a competitive advantage as a result.

Happy clients are loyal clients – 
Smart financial firms place client satisfaction at the top of their agenda, because great customer service creates tangible value. We make sure your processes and people are best positioned to realise that value.

Reduce the cost of serving clients – 
An efficient call centre gives you control over client communications, whether that’s inbound or outbound. With our smart approach your firm will better control costs, while achieving improved client outcomes.

Identify issues quickly – 
With proper reporting processes in place, a good call centre will help you identify issues and opportunities more quickly. We help you easily spot those patterns in client behaviour, providing valuable insight to senior management.

Protect your firm’s reputation – 
Negative client experiences can cause irreparable damage. Losing hard won clients is costly. We help you build a call centre team that achieves excellent outcomes and generates positive word of mouth.

Win more clients – 
Your sales team plays a vital role in your firm’s financial success. We help you create and execute a smart sales strategy, while making sure your people are trained to handle finance’s unique regulatory environment.

So why work with us (and not our competitors)?

You’ll find no shortage of companies offering you call centre advice and training. So why choose FSTP?

You get financial specialists – 
Most call centre companies will tell you they don’t need to be financial specialists to advise you, that a call centre is a call centre. We disagree. People have a unique relationship with their money and we help you handle this fact with skill and sensitivity.

You get regulatory expertise – 
We don’t just advise you on the regulations, we help you build compliance into the day-to-day operation of your call centre. That includes training your people to always make sound decisions, particularly when under pressure.

We’ve been in your shoes – 
In a previous role, Philippa Grocott, Partner at FSTP, was the Head of Learning at Barclays for Direct Channels (telephone and online banking). She was responsible for the L&D for six UK call centres and three offshore centres in India. She has also run a number of successful call centre projects in other offshore venues.

Get expert advice in the following areas

Sales Training – We not only make sure your processes and scripts comply with regulations, but that they’re also effective at generating leads and sales.

Technical Training
 – Get help understanding the technology you need for an automated, flexible and responsive operation.

Process Training – 
Solid processes are fundamental to success, we help you skip the learning curve and get straight to a high performing call centre.

Culture Training – 
Instead of making the inevitable mistakes that come from a lack of experience, let us guide you through the cultural minefield.

Leadership and Management Training – 
Get the best from your teams and ensure managers have the information they need to make smart decisions.

We can save you time, money and a considerable amount of hassle building a compliant and effective call centre.

To discuss your needs, please call us today on 0203 178 4230. Or email apprenticeships@fstp.co.uk.

Please get in touch today. We’ll quickly discuss the challenges you’re facing and explain how we can help you.

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“FSTP provided a high quality, professional and flexible consultancy service underpinned by valuable expertise and views of the current financial and regulatory environment”

Senior Manager

Yorkshire Building Society

Highly experienced consultants

We only provide sector specialists with experience at the highest levels in the industry. And with our finger constantly on the regulator’s pulse, you can expect knowledgeable and up-to-date advice.

We’re always easy to work with

This is often underrated, but it makes a difference. We quickly get a feel for your firm, working with not against your team. It means we get the job done without friction and without fuss.

Advice tailored to your business

You need consultants that get your business, not just financial firms in general. So we first understand the specific needs and nuances of your firm, resulting in more relevant, practical and effective support.