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How many of us give much thought to the culture that influences our working environment and the impact this has on our attitudes and behaviour?

Now’s the time to pay much closer attention to the subject.

FSTP takes the view that embedding and sustaining a healthy organisational culture should be done because it is the right thing to do, not because a regulator demands it.

We firmly believe that if an organisation is being run in an ethical, responsible and accountable way, compliance with regulation becomes – if not irrelevant – then certainly less of an issue. In this context, attaining and maintaining culture of accountability is second nature.


Deploying FSTP’s Culture Tool will allow you time to consider your preferred approach to making change happen and to adapt this as required to manage the process effectively, thereby saving cost and time whilst ensuring greater employee buy-in and engagement.


FSTP’s Culture Tool may also be deployed to inform the reassessment process, given that culture should be treated as an ever-evolving aspect of the business.

FSTP’s Culture tool

FSTP’s Culture Tool measures and audits what has previously been invisible and largely intangible, with the added benefits of reducing costs and business disruption. It will allow you to examine your organisational culture, identifying risks to performance, compliance and even business growth.


This means that you will be able to act on these risks before they become a real and present danger.


FSTP’s Culture Tool will equip you with a “heat map” of where and for whom any cultural changes are likely to present the most significant issues.  Ring fencing those areas will allow for a greater degree of proactive intervention and positive positioning to help individuals through the change in a far less confrontational way.


FSTP’s Culture Tool is not a staff satisfaction survey. It’s a sophisticated device for assessing a firm’s existing culture – and the influence of any sub-cultures – by analysing the drivers behind individuals’ responses to particular scenarios that they are asked to consider.


It’s quite a bit of kit!

We don’t deliver a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service to all our clients

We work with you to provide a fully-rounded solution specifically designed to meet your particular demands and needs.


We provide additional resource and knowledge when you need it. You can decide exactly what type and level of support will benefit your business and create your own bespoke package from the options that are available.


We take time to listen to you and understand the challenges you are facing which is why we are well positioned to provide the practical support and guidance that delivers real value and tangible results.


Whether we are helping you to (re)assess, change, embed, or sustain culture we will always ensure that the advice, support and recommendations we offer are aligned to the regulators’ requirements and expectations.

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Highly experienced consultants

We only provide sector specialists with experience at the highest levels in the industry. And with our finger constantly on the regulator’s pulse, you can expect knowledgeable and up-to-date advice.

We’re always easy to work with

This is often underrated, but it makes a difference. We quickly get a feel for your firm, working with not against your team. It means we get the job done without friction and without fuss.

Advice tailored to your business

You need consultants that get your business, not just financial firms in general. So we first understand the specific needs and nuances of your firm, resulting in more relevant, practical and effective support.